At Consolidated Hallmark Insurance we place high premium on our investors. We are committed to achieving superior value for all our stakeholders and deliver competitive returns to investors. This is made possible by combination of quality people and technology that provides innovative, prompt and efficient services to its numerous customers. 
The company continued to demonstrate its believe in delivering returns to shareholders  by declaring dividends even at periods when most businesses are struggling to survive in the face of the global financial meltdown. With the continued support of all stakeholders, the future of our company can only get better.
The company maintains close contacts with its investors and its past Annual General Meetings has remained a friendly atmosphere where ideas are freely exchanged to further the growth of the company. The high level of Corporate Governance in place ensures strict adherence to its core values and transparency in its dealings with all stakeholders.
Information about shareholdings and investor related matters can be obtained from our registrars, Meristem Registrars Limited (www.meristem.com.ng)